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Research Data Life Diagram

Research Data

Research data is the backbone of our research. Results from measurements, observations and experiments as well as from extensive calculations are available as data in different formats. The processing, maintenance, structured storage and archiving are indispensable for efficient and innovative research, often based on a comparison with previous results and further development. In collaboration with other working groups and universities, the exchange of these research data, often also in open access, is becoming increasingly important.

TUHH is therefore planning to set up services for research data management from 2017 onwards.

Grafik: CC BY-NC-ND Jisc and Bonner McHardy

Open Access

Open Access

The goal of Open Access is to make scientific information freely accessible to all people worldwide: free of charge and as free as possible from technical and legal barriers. The TUHH has supported this goal since 2012 with its open access policy and is a signatory of the „Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Scientific Knowledge“ from 2003.

Grafik CC BY-SA 3.0 art designer at PLoS

Kerndatensatz Forschung

Core Data Set Research

In January 2016, the German Wissenschaftsrat published its recommendations on the specification of core data set research in which he argued for the nationwide introduction of the core data set research in the German scientific system.

Grafik CC BY-SA 4.0 iFQ FIT Geschäftsstelle des Wissenschaftsrates