Research Data

Research Data

Research data is the backbone of our research. Results from measurements, observations and experiments as well as from extensive calculations are available as data in different formats. The processing, maintenance, structured storage and archiving are indispensable for efficient and innovative research, often based on a comparison with previous results and further development. In collaboration with other working groups and universities, the exchange of these research data, often also in open access, is becoming increasingly important.Andreas Timm-Giel. Vizepräsident Forschung TUHH

Research Data Repository

Since February 2019 a repository for research data is available at the TUHH: TUHH Open Research

The repository is available to members of the TUHH and ensures a permanent and reliable storage of research data generated at the TUHH. The repository is institutional and not discipline-specific. It is thus primarily available for the research data for which no suitable discipline-specific repository is available. The data is stored according to FAIR data principles to ensure that data is searchable, accessible, interoperable, and usable. The data is usually open access and is provided with a license for the after-use. It is possible to restrict access to user groups to the point of storage without public access.


Research Data Management

At the TUHH, support for the management of research data is to be set up throughout the complete data life cycle.

  • Data Creation
  • Data processing
  • Data analysis
  • Data archiving
  • Data access
  • Data Recovery

Digital research data, its organization, usability and archiving, are becoming increasingly important in the planning and publication of research projects in all scientific disciplines. The main focus of the information platform is an introduction into various areas of research data management by means of practical articles on individual aspects, which are repeatedly shown in research.

Preserving and Utilizing

Provide research data in the long term.

Processing and Publishing

Describing research data.

Rights and Obligations

Use research data responsibly

Organize and Work

Work with research data daily

Planning and structuring

Keep research data in mind right from the start

Information offered by the library

RSS News

  • #OAWeek2019: A Home for TUHH Research Data 25. Oktober 2019
    Publish research data after project completion? Nowadays, the question is not so much whether but rather where. Because data also feels most comfortable in the right company. A domain-specific repository with similar data and a subject-specific system that corresponds to … Continue reading → The post #OAWeek2019: A Home for TUHH Research Data appeared first […]
    Beate Rajski
  • tub.dok becomes TUHH Open Research 13. Februar 2019
    "TUHH Open Research" includes the Open Access Repository (previously tub.dok), a repository for research data, and will be expanded over the next two years into a Research Information System (FIS) to reflect the research strength of the TUHH and make it visible to the outside world. Continue reading → The post tub.dok becomes TUHH Open […]
    Beate Rajski
  • Join us on Hamburg Open Science #Jobs 17. November 2017
    Update 21.11.17: D-17-200 and D-17-194 contracts until 31.12.2020. Applications until 5.12.17 Hamburg wants Open Science! And we want competent people who work with us on this for the TU Hamburg. Initially for 12 months, but hopefully two more years afterwards. Deadline … Continue reading → The post Join us on Hamburg Open Science #Jobs appeared first […]
    Beate Rajski
  • Fair Research Data 17. Februar 2017
    TUHH is starting plan to set up its own institutional repository for research data. A topic that will accompany us - alongside all technology and workflows - is to make all data FAIR - Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable. Continue reading → The post Fair Research Data appeared first on Library.
    Beate Rajski
  • Secure digital research data for the future 11. Juli 2016
    The TUHH as an university of technology has the mission to develop technology for people. The university TUHH offers research and education at a high academic level. For the future development and competitiveness in the international context, the TUHH must … Continue reading → The post Secure digital research data for the future appeared first […]
    Inken Feldsien-Sudhaus
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