Research Information

Research Information System TORE

TORE is a service for the scientists of the TU Hamburg. It includes a repository for open access publications, a repository for research data and the research information system. It illustrates the university's research landscape and makes it visible to the outside world.

TORE is the central system for presenting the TU Hamburg's publications and research projects. With interfaces to publication databases and the third-party funding department, publications and projects can be easily imported. Publications can be included on the institute websites and the websites of the scientists.

Dissertations and open access publications can be made accessible in full text in TORE. Both the publisher versions of open access publications and accepted author manuscripts and preprints can be published. These documents are given a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and can thus be referenced. The system promotes the visibility of the researchers.

The publishing of research data fulfils the requirements of funding organisations when applying for third-party funding. With TORE, the TU Hamburg makes the research accessible to the public. The system is used for the university's reporting to funders, authorities and political parties.

TU Hamburg Research Reports

The TU Hamburg has been reporting on research activities since 1980. Today, data are collected via TORE, the TU Hamburg's integrated repository for open access publications and research data and research information system. Universities publications and research projects are maintained in TORE by the researchers during the year.